albel_is_mine's Journal

7 February 1991
Oak Forest Elementary - Vidor TX (1996 - 1998)
Vidor Middle School - Vidor TX (1998 - 2002)
Vidor Junior High School - Vidor TX (2002 - 2004)
Mannheim American Middle School - Mannheim Baden-Württemberg DE (2004 - 2005)
Mannheim American High School - Mannheim Baden-Württemberg DE (2005 - 2007)
Freedom High School - Woodbridge VA (2007 present)
Interests: (16)
bloodlines, blue oyster cult, discovery channel, history, house md, metallica, national geographic, nine inch nails, rage against the machine, sci-fi, science, sixx am, system of a down, the beatles, the verve, theory of a deadman
Music: The Beatles, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, Blue Oyster Cult, the VERVE, System of a Down , sixx AM, bloodlines (local band), Theory of a Deadman, pretty much anything in the Rock genre...except slipknot. they suck. and those emo pansies fall out boy. MCR is better. i mean FOB has some good stuff, and so does MCR, i just don't like either very much. ans i don't like slipknow b/c really anybody can be their "lead singer"

TV/Movies: HOUSE MD, science, history, national geographic, sci-fi and discovery channels.

books: any book will do, as long as it's fiction, anyways

hobbies: snowboarding, DRAWING, reading

Other: I love only one person romantically; Dustin Jay Ortiz


I'm an overall cool person, I guess. I've never had an LJ account before, so I thought I'd jump on the rusty bandwagon for this place (loooool I am so LATE on this hahaha).

I have a myspace account, but i don't remember what the url for it is...haha

I also have a deviantart account of the same name as myself. :D

whatever i post on those two, i will more than likely be posting here as well. ^^